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Part 1

I... honestly don't have anything witty to say here.

Go crazy so long as you read the rules, and the contact post is open if you guys need me for anything.

Code for Images: (Note: You're going to need a sock account for this)

If you're going to post images on the meme, just remember to read the rules and we'll be golden.

UPDATE: Since the release of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is still recent, there will be a rule placed on spoilers regarding these two games. In other words, if you wish to discuss or make any references to anything from PL vs PW, go ahead. However, you must warn for and mark your spoilers by using the code below.

Posts that fail to follow this rule will be deleted.

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excuse you I think you mean

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Re: excuse you I think you mean

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Re: excuse you I think you mean

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Re: excuse you I think you mean

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Edgeworth is OBVIOUSLY demisexual.


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Otp Challenge, day 14: Genderswapped

Edit: now they have a name: Helios Cykes, and Minerva Justice (by Eraty)

Re: http://ticcytx.tumblr.com/post/74551145237/otp-challenge-day-14-genderswapped-bonus

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fempollo gives me strength

but trans man apollo is still my favorite


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"Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy comes to the 3DS eShop this winter!"

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Re: "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy comes to the 3DS eShop this winter!"

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but when the FUCK are we getting it for android??

PL vs PW coming out in NA on August 29th!

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Source: http://forums.court-records.net/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=30525
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiJ7JwwlG6o

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What? The full patch for the rest of AAI2 is out and no Yumihiko spam?

I am disappointed in you, meme.

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Yumihiko who?

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(deleted comment)

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yumihiko isn't either

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I'm currently replaying J4A and AAI at the same time and wow AAI dumbed down Gumshoe a lot and I don't like it. I can understand from a writing perspective that it's, well, if Edgeworth is supposed to basically be doing Gumshoe's job they kinda needed to do that, but… why can't they team up and work together :/

(It's still not as offputting to me as Maya and Pearl Fey, goddesses of Status Quo Is God, though.)

http://ban-chan-anon.tumblr.com/post/89746121600/ (HUGE AAI2 SPOILERS)

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I remember sometime back on WG, someone asked if Bansai hated Yumihiko or not. Just found someone on Tumblr wrote a post arguing they feel Bansai didn't hate his kid, albeit in a possesive manner. I thought it was kind of interesting so I wanted to share the post here.

What do you think about this, yumihikoanons?


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Dear Followers,

Firstly, don’t panic. There are no signs of calamity yet.

Now then, the latest news. Capcom’s shareholders have voted to not renew their takeover defense*. Basically, this means that any company with the capital to do so can now buy Capcom.

That would take a monumental investment, however, so there’s no reason to run into the streets and start lighting cars on fire in a riot. However, this does mean that there is a possibility Capcom and all the beloved franchises that go with it could become exclusive to someone else.

Yes, this could mean that Nintendo would get their hands on Megaman and actually do something with him, but it also means that someone completely non-game related could buy them up and force them to make crappy smart phone games into eternity.

The truth is, Capcom’s in financial trouble. That’s no secret and it turns out throwing huge wads of cash at the mobile market was just as stupid an idea as it sounds. Now one of the most well known houses of gaming is on the market and with it, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and our own Ace Attorney.

Currently, things are continuing on as they ever have, so just relax. However, I felt people should be aware that change could be coming. Whether it’s good or not, that all depends on who opens up their coffers.

-The Mod

*Link from original post: http://www.capcom.co.jp/ir/english/news/html/e140616a.html

Re: http://askaceattorney.tumblr.com/post/89029272447/capcoms-future

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First of all, Yumihiko has been alive for 17 years now. It’s established quite clearly that Bansai has no qualms about “physically erasing” those he finds bothersome, and it’s not like bringing up a kid is an easy, non time-consuming task (he was likely all by himself, too; whenever it was that his wife “disappeared,” Yumihiko must have been young enough since he doesn’t seem to remember her, considering his reaction to Bansai mentioning her is attempting to comfort his dad instead of becoming sad himself.


Why would he let Yumihiko live if not because he actually likes his company?

Okay, I haven't gotten to case 4 yet, so I have no leg on this race, so I have nothing to contribute except... What? You don't brutally murder your son whenever he's being annoying?

DD spoilers, end game

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So, what does everything thoughts on The Phantom's portrayal of Fulbright? Did the real Fulbright actually act like that or did no one know him well enough to notice? It's easy to assume he did, but also the Phantom didn't even know anything about Fulbright's family or if he even had one, which is the kind of thing a super spy/assassin would figure out I think. TBH, I'd like to think he did act like that, if only because I thought he was really endearing until bullshit happened.

Then again, I'm probably just overthinking another AADD plothole.

Re: DD spoilers, end game

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Japanifornia is so full of weirdos that my guess is that the original Fulbright was very similar, possibly only a touch more subdued.

ITT: plot holes & inconsistencies

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man I was replaying Turnabout Big Top the other day on my J4A replay and this conversation with Franziska about Miles outside the lodging house really cheeses me off because it's obvious Takumi had completely forgotten about the timeline he set up here before shoving Rise from the Ashes into things

Re: ITT: plot holes & inconsistencies

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can u say Nick's shock about the right to refuse to testify in Farewell, My Turnabout

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why is everyone so quick to whine about yamazakis flawed writing but fall all over themselves about takumi when his writing is just as badly flawed in about as many places

http://misailurist.tumblr.com/post/85007661281/5 (DD Spoilers & might be NSFW)

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Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=37581115

Have some Fulbright/Blackquill, anons.

What the hell, Fulbright. Just what the hell.

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is anyone still alive

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Everything has been a lie. We were all creations of Yumihiko from the start. Now that nobody cares about him, we have ceased to exist as well.

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So Udon is publishing a North American version of the AA:DD artbook. I wonder if they'll translate the notes this time.

Also, any idea where an anon can get a copy of the Art of Ace Attorney book UDON put out a couple years back without having to pay out the ass?

Re: http://www.udonentertainment.com/blog/udon/udon-2014-panel-announcements-from-comic-con-san-dieg

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re: your question: if I knew I'd have one myself…


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One week until PL vs PW in North America

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- A lot of fans reacted positive to Apollo's role in the game
- Some people thought the game was too easy and they'll keep that in mind for future games
- Eshiro as overwhelmed when Apollo ranked first in the NicoNico GS character election (dates from August 2013). Also glad that characters like Blackquill and Fulbright ranked in high.

- GS5 was originally planned to be a 3DS-only release, but because apps were becoming more important, they wanted to know whether it would be possible to have an app version. They made one scene, which was a bit troublesome, but they decided that this could work. While 3DS and (touch screen) smartphones are relatively 'alike', they had to rethink the user interface completely because the 3DS has two screens.
- Asked by the interviewer whether the character models were redone for iOS because they looked better, Eshiro said no. 3DS/iPhone all have different screens with their own characteristics, so they come out differently.
- The complete first chapter of iOS DD is free, because they did the same with iOS GS123. It's a lot of gameplay, but the precedent had already been set and the ending of that chapter does work as a hook for the rest of the game.
- Prices were based on regular App Store prices and internal discussion.
- Eshiro likes case 2 (he likes the creepy and mysterious atmosphere) and case 3.
- Yamazaki likes the last case
- Eshiro knows a lot of fans want an anime, but such a project costs a lot of time, and they just never managed to get the timing right for something like that. And just an anime would be boring, so he would like to do something special with it if they were to produce one.
- Personally, Eshiro would want to do a late night TV drama series, because he thinks the format fits GS well.
- The interviewer suggests a GS concert, to which Eshiro said he would think about it (laugh)
- Yamazaki would like to do something like a real-life game (i.e. escape the room games).
- GS5 is not the end of the GS series, DGS is coming and they'll want to do even more after that.

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this place is deader than Gregory Edgeworth

(Anonymous) 2014-09-15 07:33 pm (UTC)(link)

gregory's ghost has more life than this meme

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...Why are we not talking about DGS?

Sherlock is a beautiful man.

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is2g if I see one more "GAVINCESTOR HOLMES" post Ima punch a baby

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More info on the DGS's Deductive Reasoning mechanic provided by Siliconera.

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So. Layton vs. Wright's court segments were way more fun than the ones in DD ever were. Maybe it's just that the mob questioning was really fun and was really well implemented, but...they just felt good.

Then again, this game was made before DD, wasn't it? Is it weird that I prefer the 3D models in this game to the ones in DD?

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Really? For me, I guess they were more fun, but I kind of got bored of the whole court shenanigans thing really fast. I found the game way too predictable ... I could tell exactly what I needed to do in order to progress, that sort of thing. ALthough I still milked the game for as much dialogue as possible so that might have contributed to why it became a drag after a while.

I like the coloring on the PLvsPW sprites more than the DD ones. The DD sprites didn't look as good when 3D was on. But I like the exaggerated proportions from DD more.

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Newton Belduke: pretty or PRETTY?


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itt: pretty characters now

TGS Livestream is over

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For those who missed the DGS presentation, Capcom uploaded that segment of the livestream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgEdGi1mu6U

For those who did manage to catch the show, what were your thoughts on it? Also, are you excited for the apparent return of the jurist system?

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i can't believe a yumihiko joke (sort of) brought some life back to this meme

(also, thank you, yumihikoanons, for reminding me that i should go back to finishing pl vs pw with your recent discussions about the game. trying to finish dangan ronpa 2 and disgaea 4 made me forget.)

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